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Rite in the Rain® Pocket Notebook

Rite in the Rain® Pocket Notebook

Rite in the Rain is the sort of no-nonsense brand name that you can’t indeed argue with – because this is exactly what these innovative notebooks permit you to do.

Taking advantage of very clever paper technology, they enable you to make notes – with a pencil or biro – in moist, rainy or utterly humid conditions.

Without any smudging.

And without you worrying about whether your notebook will disintegrate mid-trip.

They’re ideal for travellers, outdoor enthusiasts or professionals working outdoors.

The Pocket Notebook measures Four” x 6” and features a spiral cording at the top – so it’s possible to hold them in one forearm and write with the other, without the need to rest the notebook on your knees or a vapid surface.

Which, as any cub reporter learns on their very very first assignment, is just what you need, when you’re out in the field.

Available in a choice of two colours, the Pocket Notebook features 50 sheets or 100 pages.

We think they’re an amazingly useful and clever idea – but don’t just take our word for it!

Reviews of Rite in the Rain Notebooks

“I only get one chance to collect data from an excavation and it has to be very durable. For the very unpredictable winter months in Rapa Nui (Easter Island) my Rite in the Rain field notebook permitted me to take notes even while it was raining. It was absolutely essential for recording the Moai.” Owen O’Leary, Archeologist.

“After 70 days, Five hours and 22 minutes alone at sea, I’m blessed to report my Rite in the Rain products made it across with me. I couldn’t have asked for better notebooks and pens to bring on my solo row across the Atlantic. In the cockpit, being hit by sways, I’d proceed writing, permitting me to share this life-changing journey.” Katie Spotz, Stamina Athlete.

“We are tropical, sustainable, design specialists. We carry three essential lumps of equipment in which we store our info – a camera, a GPS and our Rite in the Rain notebooks. Of the three, it’s the Rite in the Rain notebooks that have never failed. We’ve dripped them in rivers, driven over them, covered them in mud and dunked them in a stream to wash ‘em off!” Andrew & Beth Coates,

“Using Rite in the Rain helps me to relay significant information to pilots and film crews that keep them safe. My pages are packed with shot lists, sketches and ideas. From concept to delivery, Rite in the Rain is the most valuable contraption I have in the field. It’s my playbook.” Tommy Baynard, Flying Wild Alaska.

The process involved in the manufacturing of Rite in the Rain paper is designed to have an ultra-low influence on the environment. The water based covering emits only steam and all mill off-cuts are recycled back into the paper manufacturing stream. Made from renewable wood fibre, Rite in the Rain is totally recyclable as plain paper. All printing plates and processing liquids are recycled. 100% of printing inks are soy based. The Polydura cover material contains post-consumer recycled material and the modern production facilities are designed to be energy efficient.

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