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When you’ve been playing an instrument long enough, there comes a time when you will want to compose a theme of your own. Be it a private twist on Flight of the Bumblebee. a groovy adaptation of Mary Had a Little Lamb. or just that soundbite that’s been in your head for the past twenty years.

After jamming, we reach the theoretical side of this coin: jotting it down. For yourself, and, if it’s good enough, to share with fellow musicians.

Have you got a chunk of paper ready? Please, put it back in the printer, where it belongs. We’ll do it right the very first time around – digitally. Not because it’s quicker, because it isn’t, but because it’s lighter to read. And, fairly frankly, with the devices that are available, it doesn’t hurt to make it look half-decent.

The following online devices are ranked according to difficulty – and that doesn’t just mean the interface, but also what you can achieve with them. Of course, if you intend to compose your life’s masterpiece, you don’t do it on the online napkin.

Printing – BlankSheetMusic

So you truly like the idea of pen and paper, do you? Fine, but at least don’t take out a ruler to draw the bars. This website permits you to create a lump of blank free sheet music to print. Before you print, you can choose the clefs and time signature.

With BlankSheetMusic, you can print the right kind of sheets – piano, or guitar – but that’s pretty much all there is.

Haul ‘n Drop – SheetMusicEditor

SheetMusicEditor is one step up in musical notation instruments. This time, you can haul and drop your clefs, time signatures and notes onto the sheet. Very plain, and very intuitive.

Of course, because you have to by hand haul everything into the right place, with no ‘magnet’ mechanism, your sheets won’t have that top-notch look. The alignment of your notes will be slightly off, and some of your other notations might look muddy.

This is a superb implement to jot down plain tunes and put them up to printing standards, prompt. It is not advised to use with very complicated compositions.

Online Editor – Noteflight

Noteflight is the online cherry on the musical notation pie. It’s the very best you’ll be able to find online. Fairly frankly, it even tops most offline applications, save one – but that’s for another article.

Noteflight permits you to compose the most complicated songs. A decent demonstration being above my musical abilities – the screenshot below shows the Turkish March by Mozart.

Noteflight uses a very plain notation system, albeit rather slow. Just click on the music sheet, and drop a note in the right spot. You can highlight dropped notes, add extra notations and switch timing, or even haul and drop to correct. Spacing inbetween notes is adjusted automatically, and you are spared from musical paradoxes with automatic corrections and the appending of rests. With different instruments and MIDI playback, there is very little you can’t do with Noteflight.

Your compositions, stored on your account, can be made public. This leads us to the other side of Noteflight. You can browse literally thousands of public musical scores. Attempt, rate and comment on fresh compositions, or find sheet music for songs you already know.

There are a lot of reasons why you shouldn’t bother with offline applications anymore. The reason you should is because they suggest yet another spin on musical notation – and can be quicker. Proceed checking MakeUseOf for our review of the best, fastest and cross-platform musical notation application! In the meantime, if you have any favourite instruments of your own, be sure to let us know about them in the comments.

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