Word Family Games – The Cat in the Hat Activity

Word Family Games – The Cat in the Hat Activity

The game is to create word family «hats» like the Cat in the Hat’s hat.

Make Your Own Word Family Hats

  • Cut crimson and white paper into rounded rectangles to make the hat
  • Cut strips of white paper to be the hat brims
  • Optional step: laminate to make the paper sturdier

We’ve been reading a lot of Dr. Seuss, especially The Cat in the Hat and Hop on Pop. My Five year old used the books to choose the words for our game. He determined on «all,» «at,» «an,» and «op» words. We’ve played word family games before using «at» and «all» words before, but the others were fresh.

We then called out words from each of those word families that rhyme. As we came up with words (some real, some, Dr. Seuss style nonsense), I kept a list. Then I wrote the actual words we named onto the crimson and white rectangles. My Five year old is still a very beginning reader. Many of the words we used are look words, and almost all of them are CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words.

I put down one of the hat bands, and scattered about 6 different rectangles with words on them from different word families.

We began with «all.» I put down the «all» band, and placed rectangles with «hat,» «sat,» «ball,» «wall,» «fall,» «call,» and «fan.»

He then chose the words that fit in the «all» family, reading them out noisy as he went. He then stacked them up, Cat in the Hat style, alternating crimson and white.

We’ve played this game enough times that I’ve had to laminate the rectangles, because I didn’t want to keep making more!


Make it lighter: You can adjust the game to build fewer hats.

Add a challenge: Race to build hats.

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